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Wall of


Timothy W. Weik

Sgt Craig Michael Gaglia,  Iraq Veteran  US Army

Stuart Osland

Joseph Scalise, Jr

Lt Col John Wallace Tisdale

Roger and Lorraine Powers

Ira Schwartz

Quentin Mounts

Frank and Matilda Ammendalea

Frederick Thomas Houser, Sr, WWII Veteran  US Navy

Lt Gen Howard W. Leaf

Ret LCDR Gordon E. Thomas, Sr.   US Navy

PFC Erin Thomas, US Army

Cmdr Donald C. Fritts

Jewitt M. Keller, Jr

SMS Glenn S. Hall,  US Air Force

Donna Gonzalez

Jennifer B. Leung

WFP General Surgery and Trama Staff

Joe and Renate Buttrum

Chick Martin

Mr and Mrs Robert Thompson

Major Richard Alton Smith

Lt Hieu Van Nguyen,  Navy, Republic of Vietnam