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Teresa Goforth

Our Mission:


The mission of the US Wounded Soldier Foundation is to provide for the needs of our combat veterans deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.


It's our way of saying, 'Thank You' for their dedication and loyalty tot he United States and the citizens they have pledged their lives to protect.

"We have taken our heroes under our wings for the sacrifice they have made fighting for our freedom".           Teresa Goforth

About Us

Our History:

The United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation (USWSF) was established in 2003 to support the needs of the wounded men and women at the Landstuhl Medical Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, injured in the Afghanistan and Iraq theatres of military action.  Items such as tennis shoes, socks, underwear, t-shirts and comfort items, such as CD’s and DVD’s, iTunes gift cards, Phone cards, and electronic games are shipped by American Airlines free of charge to Germany.  Assisting the USWSF in Germany are volunteers from the US Air Force based at Ramstein AFB, Germany.  They receive the goods, clear customs, and deliver the items directly to the Chaplin at the Hospital for distribution.  To date over 100 tons of donations have been distributed to thousands of wounded and we will continue to support the wounded as the military personnel are deployed in other parts of the world where there are conflicts occurring.


Domestically, in 2005 thru 2007, the USWSF facilitated the Phoenix Project Retreats for returning combat veterans and their spouses. These retreats were 7 days in length, staffed entirely by Combat Veterans of Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm and were directed to the issues of PTSD, marriage crisis, and suicide. Group and couples counseling, therapeutic activities such as horseback riding, massage therapy, and Native American welcoming home ceremonies bring the couples closer together and open up the windows to communicating their frustration and anger. Over 500 couples attended the retreats sponsored by Mr. Ross Perot. There was a 92% success rate healing their marriage. Our hopes are to one day to offer and improve these efforts with pending future corporate sponsorships and funding.


The USWSF is on the approved list of the Department of Defense and is one of the established foundations that support Landstuhl Medical Center, Germany.  Media attention has been broadcast by ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas many times, and articles have been published in all Military Newspaper affiliates.  Among many of the organizations that cooperate with USWSF in support of our troops in harm’s way are American Airlines and its employees, Cope/Keller NASCAR Race Team, Best Buy, DAR, Wal-Mart, Brigade Quartermaster, Sony, Universal, Dallas Mavericks, Jackson Cooksey and the Dallas Cowboys among many, many others.


The Premier Rehab Therapy Facility of Cape Girardeau, MO has hosted 5 fundraising Golf Tournaments in May on behalf of the USWSF and has received support from local businesses and has donated to date over $25,000.00 to aid in the recuperation of our wounded Heroes.


There are two Annual Fundraising Events benefiting the USWSF in Texas, a Golf Tournament sponsored by Outcast MC and Time Out Tavern in Humble, TX and the Ride For The GI Bike Rally with live auction, each September in the Houston area. Both have been a huge success with donations to date of over $60,000.00.


To date the USWSF has received over $1,000,000 in goods and monetary funds. This support for our ongoing efforts is only possible due to generosity of corporations and individuals like you. The USWSF can be researched on; a charity monitoring organization.


We have wrapped our Heroes under our wings for the sacrifice they have made fighting for our freedom and liberty for all. 

The U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation is a non profit organization 501 (c) (3) Donations are tax deductible.

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