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Faithful volunteer AF MSgt Henry Liverence retires  

AF MSgt Henry Liverence and wife Deb and their children who has been based in Germany at Ramstein AFB for many years . Hank and Deb have been my faithful volunteers for the past 5 years assisting me in ALL of the shipments to Landstuhl Hospital since 2003. He retired last week and is returning to the States to civilian life and a job in the security sector.


I want to acknowledge them as they made it happen in Germany, getting the goods from FRA airport to Landstuhl. Working closely with American Airlines cargo in Germany, clearing customs, and Getting the trucks and helpers.



Even coming to Mainz to pick me up on my layovers to visit the hospital.

I could not have done all of the good work without them.


Taking over the job of coordinating the pick-up and delivery will now be CH Maj Eric Meyners, at Landstuhl Medical Hospital. We are looking forward to working with CH Meyners.