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America Supports You Summit Washington DC 


The Department of Defense started the America Supports You (ASY) Organization 3 years ago to verify and authorize the many non-profit foundations assisting the OIF and OEF troops. They wanted to put together a way to get information to the foundations and in turn to the troops and to connect each other.


Each year ASY has a Summit and invites the heads of all the 324 foundations to the Pentagon. Sec of Defense Gates was also in attendence. Soldiers Angels Foundation began right after USWSF, and Veterans Airlift is a group of Veteran Pilots who provide their aircraft and fly troops and their families as needed.


They have worked with us many times as well as the Soldiers Angels. Walt Fricke, began the Veterans Airlift, he is a Vietnam Veteran pilot, to my right in photo. Patti Patton-Bader began the Soldiers Angels, her son is in Iraq, on the far right. Her husband, Jeff Bader is in the photo also on the far left.