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March 1, 2005. Sgt Brent Jurgerson is honored by his returning combat unit from Iraq. 


March 1, 2005. Wounded Soldier is honored by his returning combat unit from Iraq. Sgt Brent Jurgerson, twice wounded amputee, arrives at Schweinfurt Army Base Germany,to reunites with the 1st Infantry Unit as they return home.


When the US Wounded Soldier Foundation learned of Sgt Jurgerson at Walter Reed Medical Center, he was thinking of his unit, returning to Germany on March 1, after one year in Iraq. During that time, Sgt Jurgerson was wounded in June 2004, returned to Iraq 3 months later, and wounded again in January 2005, but vowed again, to stand front of the troops.


 Round trip tickets and upgrades for Brent and his wife Karin, were donated for them to travel to Germany from Washington DC and be there for the tearful reunion.


On June 23, 2005 Brent had to have his leg re-amputated due to extensive infections. Implants were placed in his jaw from a previous bullet wound. Our prayers go to Brent and Karin, I visited with him two days after the surgery, and his strong positive attitude was an inspiration for us all.